Miko Neal, our culinary degree, food-safe certified, and insured chef, brings experience and love for excellent flavors to every dish.

Top Caterer in Sacramento

Cali Heart N Soul Catering, based in Sacramento, California, is your go-to solution for exquisite culinary experiences infused with Southern hospitality and a California twist. Miko Neal, a culinary chef, founded our catering business out of a lifelong passion for cooking that she had honed through formal training and practical experience in the family restaurant. We offer a diverse range of services, including buffet setups, custom catering... Read more

Custom Catering Services

At Cali Heart N Soul Catering, we pride ourselves on offering custom quality services tailored to meet the unique needs of every client. Whether you're planning a cozy dinner for two or a large-scale family reunion, our team is dedicated to making your event stress-free and memorable. We provide comprehensive catering services, including buffet setups, custom menus, and personalized plate meals for small groups or couples. Our approach is cl... Read more

Soul Food Menu Recipes

Delight in the rich flavors of our soul food menu, crafted with love and inspired by our Southern roots. Each recipe is a testament to the tradition and passion for cooking that we bring to every event. Start your culinary journey with our delectable appetizers, such as hush puppies, deviled eggs, and spinach & cream cheese pinwheel sandwiches. These starters set the tone for an unforgettable meal, bursting with flavor and prepared with the ... Read more

Exceptional Catering Services

We offer personalized buffet services, event catering, and intimate plate meals. Savor our delicious options, all made with fresh, local ingredients. We also do vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and gluten-free options! Contact us today to start planning your perfect event!

Chef's Choice

Garlic Roasted Crab

Savor the exquisite flavors of our Chef's Choice: Garlic Roasted Crab. Indulge in succulent crab, expertly roasted to perfection and infused with aromatic garlic, creating a culinary masterpiece that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Delicious Chicken Wings

Tantalize your taste buds with our flavorful Chicken Wings. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, each wing is generously seasoned and cooked to golden perfection, delivering a satisfying crunch with every bite. The perfect starter to any meal or a delightful snack to enjoy anytime.

Mac & Cheese Bites

Experience comfort food bliss with our Mac & Cheese Bites. Each bite-sized morsel features creamy macaroni and cheese, coated in a crispy breadcrumb crust for the perfect balance of texture and flavor. Ideal for sharing or indulging in as a delicious starter before your main course.

Disclaimer: While booking, please specify the amount of guests, the type of the event and your budget.
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All services
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Special Event Offerings

Catering Services

Special Event Offerings

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms
Artichoke/Spinach Dip
Chicken (Baked/Fried/Smothered/BBQ)
Turkey Wings (Baked)


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Karen Pierce

I have a new Super Power when it comes to entertaining or hosting family get togethers. I trust Miko with it all! I had out of town guest and wanted to enjoy them and our time together. I wanted it to be special. Miko helped inform the menu which was Dungeness whole crab, garlic noodles, asparagus, prawns and an amazing salad! Delivered it professionally to my door and helped with some decorative finishing touches. Sooooo delicious. So good in fact, that I asked her to prepare a fried turkey, cornbread dressing and greens for Christmas dinner. My son prefers ham, but he went back for seconds of Miko's juicy, fried, well seasoned and scrumptious turkey. I even froze a nice portion and was able to share with friends on New Years day and they loved it! THANK YOU Miko for cooking with your heart and soul!

Jan 14, 2024
Randy Johnson

The food was phenomenal. The deep fried turkey we got for Thanksgiving was a big hit. My family was still talking about it weeks after thanksgiving. It was a blessing to allow my mouthy in law to rest on Thanksgiving, and still have the family love the meal.

Dec 14, 2023
Terrie Adams

You will not be disappointed with Cali Heart and Soul Catering. As the name states, Miko puts her heart and soul in her food and presentation. My favorite is the blackened salmon. I couldn’t get enough! She goes above and beyond expectations. Paying attention to every detail which is a huge plus. She has catered 2 of my events and has knocked it out the park each time. Bonus: She will do a walk-through with you after your event to make sure everything is just as it was before arrival. Very clean which is a must when you’re looking for a great catering business.

Nov 21, 2023